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Treatment for Internal and External Hemorrhoids

Symptomatic hemorrhoids refer to a condition in which the blood vessels in the rectal area become enlarged, causing a range of sometimes worrying and painful symptoms.

However, not all hemorrhoids are symptomatic, and some people may experience no symptoms at all.

There are two overarching categories of symptomatic hemorrhoids: internal and external hemorrhoids. While both types can be treated successfully, each requires a different approach.

Treating Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are generally less painful than external hemorrhoids, but they can still be bothersome. In some cases, internal hemorrhoids can protrude outside the anus, causing further discomfort.

Several surgical techniques can be performed to treat internal hemorrhoids.

Treating External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are more painful and visible compared to internal hemorrhoids. They can cause itching, swelling, and bleeding.

There are several conservative treatment strategies for external hemorrhoids.

Texas Hemorrhoid Institute: Helping Patients Find Long-Term Hemorrhoid Relief

Numerous treatment options are available for hemorrhoids. While topical creams and warm sitz baths can provide temporary relief, people who have not succeeded with conservative measures may consider hemorrhoid artery embolization (HAE).

HAE is particularly effective for patients who have not responded to conservative treatment and wish to avoid surgery.

If you are experiencing hemorrhoid symptoms and are seeking a minimally invasive treatment option, please contact the helpful team at Texas Hemorrhoid Institute to find long-lasting relief.

Call 469-341-5997713-575-3686713-575-3686 (Houston) or 469-341-5997 (Dallas) today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how this innovative procedure can improve your quality of life.

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