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Did New Year's Leave you with Hemorrhoid Symptoms?

Posted on January 04, 2024

After months of indulgence over the holidays, many people are ringing in the new year with new hemorrhoid symptoms. These are caused by bulging blood vessels that form lumps in or outside the anus. Unfortunately many start a new year with this problem because of the changes in their routine throughout the holiday season.

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Hemorrhoid Causes

Your hemorrhoid risk can increase if you're constipated, if you strain to pass bowel movements, sit for too long on the toilet, lift heavy objects, or carry a pregnancy. And, throughout the holidays, many of these risk factors worsen.

Why? From Thanksgiving until New Years, we indulge with meats, cheeses, desserts and alcohol. And they can take a toll on the bowels. Simultaneously, our fruit and veggie intake decreases, magnifying the problems. As a result many ring in the new year dehydrated, constipated and suffering from hemorrhoids. In fact, 30 percent more patients seek hemorrhoid symptoms relief in the first weeks after New Year's. And, here are the warning signs to watch for to see if you need help as well.

Identifying Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Symptoms include a sore or itchy anus, along with anal lumps. Internal hemorrhoids may bleed, leaving bright red blood or mucus on your toilet paper after bowel movements.  And you may still feel an urge to go after passing a bowel movement.

Treatment for Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Minor cases of hemorrhoids can often be relieved with topicals or lifestyle changes, like increasing fluids, taking in more fiber, and spending less time on the toilet.

However, more serious cases will require medical treatment to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms. Suffering from itching, bleeding or other internal hemorrhoid symptoms? Click here to request an appointmentClick here to request an appointmentClick here to request an appointmentat the Texas Hemorrhoid Institute, and ask about our minimally invasive treatment options.

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