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How Can I Eliminate Internal Hemorrhoids?

Posted on December 19, 2023

Today, you can eliminate internal hemorrhoids without surgery by choosing Hemorrhoidal Artery Embolization (HAE). But what are hemorrhoids, and why would you choose this minimally invasive treatment option to relieve their symptoms? Here's what you need to know.

Understanding Hemorrhoids

Symptomatic hemorrhoids are also called piles. Basically, they are bulges in your rectum that form in spots of abnormal connections between arteries and veins. Before HAE was an option, patients needed to eliminate internal hemorrhoids via surgery. Today, however, embolization can relieve symptoms such as itching and bleeding by blocking blood flow to the affected arteries.

HAE to Eliminate Internal Hemorrhoids: What are the Advantages?

HAE is a popular alternative to surgery when it comes to treating internal hemorrhoids. In addition to being a lower cost treatment option, it also offers improved:

  • Comfort, since we deliver treatment via a tiny puncture instead of a surgical incision
  • Convenience, since you avoid overnight hospital stays and can walk out of your procedure
  • Symptoms, since HAE offers results that compare to surgery, but without side effects and a lower risk for complications

Who is a Candidate?

You can consider HAE to eliminate internal hemorrhoids if your:

  • Internal hemorrhoids have been classified as grade two or three
  • Symptoms include heavy bleeding
  • Internal hemorrhoid has prolapsed

Meet Our Experts

At the Texas Hemorrhoid Institute, our physicians in Houston and Dallas are dedicated to delivering outstanding patient care along with noticeable and lasting results. Our main goal is to ensure that you understand your treatment options, and that we partner together to find your perfect pathway to relief.
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