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What's the Best Way to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids?

Posted on April 15, 2024

Want to get rid of hemorrhoids? Most people do: these swollen veins in or around your rectum can cause symptoms such as pain, itching or even bleeding when you pass a bowel movement. But, with so many potential treatment options available to patients, many people struggle to find their best pathway to relief. So, how can you choose the right hemorrhoid treatment option? Keep reading to find out.

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3 Ways to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Safely and Effectively

Depending on the location and severity of your hemorrhoids, you may be able to find symptom relief with simple lifestyle changes, like following a special diet and practicing self-care to soothe existing inflammation.

If symptoms persist? Try applying an over-the-counter, topical cream for hemorrhoids. If your symptoms are mild, this treatment option should provide sufficient relief. However, if you have stage 2 or 3 hemorrhoids, you may need a treatment option that can't be found at the drugstore. And that is when you may wish to explore a medical procedure known as Hemorrhoid Artery Embolization, or HAE in Texas.

Medical Procedure to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

Before we had advances in interventional radiology, patients with severe hemorrhoid symptoms needed to undergo a surgical procedure to find relief. But, today, you can choose HAE, a procedure that reduces blood flow to your hemorrhoids by depositing embolic materials in your arteries, aided by x-ray imaging and the insertion of a catheter. The procedure allows you to avoid general anesthesia, invasive surgery and overnight hospital stays. It's also associated with fewer side effects and complications than hemorrhoid removal surgery.

Ready to get rid of hemorrhoids, but hoping to avoid surgery? Click here to request an appointmentClick here to request an appointmentClick here to request an appointment at the Texas Hemorrhoid Institute. Together, we'll explore your treatment options and help determine whether you're a candidate for HAE!

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