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Here's Why You Should Choose Hemorrhoid Embolization

Posted on October 22, 2023
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Why would you choose hemorrhoid embolization over other treatments for internal hemorrhoids? And are there other treatment options you should consider? This post breaks down all the important details.

Understanding hemorrhoids

These are swollen veins in your anus or lower rectum, and they can take two forms: internal (developing inside your rectum) or external (developing on the outside). While external hemorrhoids typically cause more pain, internal hemorrhoids may lead to itchiness, discomfort and/or bleeding.

In fact, chronic bleeding is the most common complaint associated with internal hemorrhoids. And that's why we see many patients coming into our Texas Hemorrhoid Institute who have noticed blood in their stool.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Options in Texas

There are several minimally invasive treatment options for internal hemorrhoids. Some involve changes in lifestyle including modifying your diet; others involve medication or injections; while still others include procedures like a rubber band ligation. However, these treatments fail to offer relief to at least 10% of internal hemorrhoid patients.

In the past, that meant your only remaining option was to schedule hemorrhoidectomy surgery.  However, that procedure came with a higher risk for complications. Luckily, there's newer, better option available: hemorrhoid embolization.

What is Hemorrhoid Embolization?

For approximately 10 years, hemorrhoid embolization has offered minimally-invasive treatment for stage 1 through stage 3 level internal hemorrhoids. Unlike other treatment options, hemorrhoid embolization doesn't lead to anal incontinence and won't lead to rectal wounds. Plus, you don't lose the tissue surrounding those hemorrhoids, and you don't need general anesthesia or an overnight stay in the hospital. And, within three days of the procedure, most patients can resume all normal activities.

While these are all clear benefits, you may wonder, how long does hemorrhoid embolization last? Here again, the news is promising. Because the success rate for hemorrhoid embolization is about 90%, whereas many other treatment options come with 49% recurrence rates.

Looking for lasting relief from the discomfort, itchiness and bleeding of internal hemorrhoids, but hoping to avoid invasive surgery, major lifestyle changes or even the high likelihood of recurrence after treatment? Contact the Texas Hemorrhoid InstitueContact the Texas Hemorrhoid InstitueContact the Texas Hemorrhoid Institue to connect with our interventional radiologists. We'll schedule you for a consultation and determine whether you're a good candidate for hemorrhoid embolization.

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